Rich Media
Examples of Rich Media, Created to Captivate Your Audience

Advanced Digital Videos & Interactive Animations

Engage Your Customers & Stand Out From The Crowd With High Quality Media

Rolfe Media’s team of developers offer unique media for the purpose of advertising your business. In the last ten years we have seen a huge rise in the popularity and use of channels such as YouTube. As digital marketers, we have seen this rise as a huge opportunity for advertising to and engaging a huge demographic and converting a higher percentage of business’ audience into paying customers.


Audio Books & Digital Videos


Creating Audio Books and Digital Videos is just two forms of the Rich Media that our team offers. We also create GIFS & Cinemagraphs, Infographics, Podcasts, YouTube videos, Soundcloud audio and animated web pages.


Making digital videos a bespoke offering from our creative team although depending on the message you wish to put across to potential customers, it is possible to keep things extremely simple and always cost effective.

The Benefits Of Rich Media Content

Engage Your Audience

Video content accounts for 69% of consumer internet traffic & customers generally retain much more information from audio than written content.

Professional Quality

Online marketing is constantly moving towards Rich Media content & the benefits of having high-quality media will help you to stand out from your competition.

Unique Content

Differentiate yourself from your competition by incorporating engaging, high quality media into your marketing strategy.

Cost Effective

Rich media content delivers a unique, high-impact functions for your target audience and drives a much higher expansion rate to convert that audience into customers.

Why use Rich Media to Advertise?

Convert your Audience into Customers with Our Digital Media Campaigns

Rich Media ads offer more ways to involve and engage your audience. Here at Rolfe Media we use advanced media, for example, video, audio or other elements to encourage viewers to interact and engage with the content. We find that using rich media represents a powerful creative opportunity, allowing our campaigns to deliver far greater impact than using simple text ads – for example, this basic GIF for Clubhouse Interiors.

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Rich Media is the term used for digital advertising ad which may include advanced features such as audio, video and other element used to complement web content and keep viewers engaged. It may also include animation, flash and streaming video which pop up instantly when browsing through the internet.


Higher Conversion Rate


As text ads use words, while display ads make use of pictures, Rich Media uses another ad medium to interact with the audience. These ads can appear float or expand depending on how you want them to respond to users. If your objective is to create product awareness or you simply have the goal of generating more clicks, you may want to consider going for Rich Media.


The use of Rich Media has a lot of benefits since its primary objective is to convey information to viewers via several social media forms as well as gather information through programming. Rich Media has a high tendency of getting click by audience since it can successfully gain their attention directly by being noticeable. Rich Media display ads now make it easier for marketers and designers to be more creative. Over the years Rich Media have now allow users to be more flexible and more creative in their media creation. A lot of types of ads format are now available for you to pick from and play with them.


High rate of interaction with the audience


With Rich Media ads, a higher level of interaction is now being delivered to viewers. This makes advertisement like brand awareness more reachable to prospect buyers by being promptly advertised to them and allow them to interact with the product through an online ad.

Increase in performance levels


With Rich Media, viewers are more likely to take decisive action on ad compared to other standard display ads. The average click-through rates on Rich Media ads is known to be much higher than the click-through rate on other media ads. These allow the rate of the performance level higher than others.


Better user experience


Unlike other form of ads, Rich Media Ads do not force internet user to leave or close the site. So you don’t have to worry about irritating user and deliver a bad online experience for Internet user. This is a good development for website owners as they get to keep their traffic going and uninterrupted.


What Our Team Provides


Rolfe Media’s team of developers provides unique media such as audio books, digital videos, GIFS & Cinemagraphs, Infographics, Podcasts and much more purposely for your business advertising medium. Our media teams are highly skilled and professional. We know what it entails to drive and promote your business. With our broad experience working with websites and blog, Rolfe Media’s team can provide creative and unique media ads for your business. Visit our website today to make the most use of our best offers.

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