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We Will Design & Develop Your Business’ Website

Rolfe Media recognize that every client is different and have selected our price range to fit large business web builds to small personal projects.

Here at Rolfe Media our expert team of developers create responsive, SEO friendly websites that are easily accessible. Choosing Rolfe Media Web Designers to create your business or personal website guarantees you a bespoke site with your branding incorporated throughout.


Designed With Search Engines In Mind


Whether you require a brand new website or wish to enhance and develop an existing site, Rolfe Media will work to improve your online business and convert your audience into customers.


By using Rolfe Media’s services you have the option to continue on as a client and receive further web development, social media management along with content marketing and SEO. Not only are our sites future proof, they are structured and designed with the latest search engine techniques and are easily updated and modified when necessary.


RM Developer’s Content Strategey


Rolfe Media Web Developers will work with you, regularly adding new content to create the necessary ranking signals for your web properties to rank for your desired keywords. By employing RM developers on a monthly basis, this will allow our team to create a number of landing pages for your website designed for SEO purposes.


The team at Rolfe Media will create and develop a site that is ideal for you and your business, and also ticks all the boxes by creating an online brand that will fit your niche and attract your key demographic.

RM developers may hit the jackpot first time or we may require some iteration and feedback from the client to get things just right.

Rolfe Media Create Fully Responsive Websites


We try to make sure everything we design will scale down well to smaller screens like your tablet and phone and constantly test the site on desktops, laptops, ipads and phones to ensure everything is displaying correctly. We will also make sure that your website understands what device you are using and automatically corrects and adjusts itself to fit the screen and save you or site users from zooming in and out to view it’s content.


In terms of testing, Rolfe Media make sure to squash any bugs that may be lurking as we go by installing virus protection and spam filters, rather than waiting until a problem occurs.
Web designing is the process of planning, designing, creating and maintaining of websites. There are different areas of web design including web graphic design, user experience design and search engine optimization.


'our new site is now extremely user friendly and we have since received a lot of compliments from our users'


Website design and development refers to the process involved in making the website effectively and at the same time, increasing the visibility and popularity of the website. The web development is done through various ways. There are many web designing software and tools that can increase the ranking and visibility of the website.


Rolfe Media is the top web designing company that can provide all the web related services to the customers. Whenever any organization or any individual business owner wants to go online, website is the first thing that came into the mind. And while creating the web page, SEO is the most important tool for increasing the accessibility of your website on search engine sites.

Innovative Website Design

Custom Website Design

Here at Rolfe Media we pride ourselves on our innovative website designs & creative minds. We always aim to keep up to date with the latest design trends and strive to bring your business website to life with fun and interactive animation. Contact Rolfe Media today and let’s begin work on your bespoke website project.

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Our Web Design Process

Here at Rolfe Media we pride ourselves on our extensive research and planning

Market Research

We will study your competitors websites and social media platforms to gain full knowledge of your business niche.


We will create an extensive plan and mock up of your website. We will discuss our ideas with you either in a meeting or over the phone.


Once you are happy with our site plan, we will begin designing your website and promoting your brand.


Once we have finished your web design, you have the option to continue with Rolfe Media for further developing and hosting services.

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Rolfe Media produce beautiful websites that consistently deliver the results you need – drive traffic, create conversions and increase customers. We aim to bring to you a fresh, modern, and eye catching website that makes you stand out from your competition.


Stand Out From The Competition With Rolfe Media Website Designers


Every website Rolfe Media developers design, comes with a WordPress Content Management System. If you’re looking for a great website and want to start seeing results, then Rolfe Media are the people for you.


Working as a Search Engine Optimisation company in conjunction with website design, Rolfe Media web developers will make sure that the websites we create together are ready for search engine indexing. We’ll present a structure and design for your website, and once you’re happy our in-house digital design team fleshes it out.


Rolfe Media Design The Website You Require


Our in-house developers then take our designs and use them to build the front and back end of your website (ensuring all your requirements and functionality are met), and populate it with images and copy.

Once we’ve tested your site, we help you to launch it. We can configure digital campaigns to drive traffic (PPC, social and search), and use analytics to ensure that it’s delivering the results you want.


Great websites and digital marketing don’t just happen. They’re a product of great people. At Rolfe Media we’re proud of our team, websites are complex things these days, and with a huge breadth and depth of knowledge our team will make a huge difference to the performance of your website.


Rolfe Media Future Proof Websites


Our websites are ‘future-proof’ ensuring that you’ll still have a ‘brand new’ website, that performs better than it ever has because the website design team at Rolfe Media are continually gathering insight and intelligence into what really works for your business and target market, your website only gets better with age.